Home Brewing

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  1. Brew beer at home the way you like it.
  2. Making beer by soaking, boiling, and fermentation.
  • This is our adventures in home brewing, we started at some point in 2015 when we visited the Inn House Brewery in Glasgow were we picked up a Coopers Starter Kit. I can’t for the life of me remember why we visited the store, but brewing was something I have talked about for years and never thought to presume that I could make anything decent to drink and ignored that impulse until being kindly bullied into trying.

    Truth be told it was really easy to brew with that sort of kit, it was a fair bit of fun as well. We did make beer, but not of a quality that was err palatable and with 40 pints of the stuff was a struggle to drink. It almost put us off brewing, but we had 2 of the kits so and figured we should try again or at least use it up.

    This did not really fair much better but set us on path to figuring out why, after more research and a shift to smaller batches the task seemed much less daunting. This started with our first full grain attempt which was a bit of a brew on the stove top. The ingredients were way over priced but it was an easy step to take, it came with full set instructions on what to do and we ended up with a really nice beer and we have not looked back since. There have been some mistakes made along the way, but the quality and drinkability of our beer has come a long way.