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Over the weekend I managed to throw together some code to produce a reasonably pretty bar graph using Objective-C and a UIView base class. The Graph is rendered via the drawRect function and uses the CGContext to render the graph and all it is components.


Current Features:

Positive Graph Rendering.

Positive / Negative Graph Rendering.

Customizable Bar rendering.

Customizable Graph area rendering.

Background Image support.

Font selection.

Hide / Show Labels.

Hide / Show bar names.

Hide / Show Scale.

Hide / Show Bar Percentages.

The graph code still need’s some work here is a few ideas on what I would like to improve reduce the complexity of the drawRect function add support for negative value graphs. I would also like to provide a number of render option (2D / 3D) that could be selected via an enum value rather than the current set of booleans (there are quite a lot of them).

Update: Look’s like my percentage calculation could do with some work as well :)


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