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Well it is been a little bit since I have been back posting on here I have been extremely busy with both the University work (a month disappeared from some where) and trying to finish up my block game. I had planned to talk about audio in this post I feel like all I have been doing over the last week record and listen to audio but that post has been over shadowed by other things.

First Product Release
publishWell several posts ago I said that we had a game ready for publication well we finally got all the legal paper work done and out of the way and received our access to our very own iTunes Connect account (this happened last Friday). We decided that we would take the weekend to get our app ID’s sorted as well as the project integration and submit it on a Monday afternoon when we are both awake ( with a nice strong coffee before hand ).

This was really quite easy as we had prepared all our stuff over the weekend (and before) the main thing was deciding on a pricing point and a release date. Were still not sure about but we went for 2.99 which after all the deductions and conversions gives a profit per unit of 1 so we need to sell a lot of units to make a sustainable business from these small products. For the release date we decided to give a week for the approval process as we have heard different reports of this taking a few days or up to a month.

So we hit the submit button on Monday and the application has been sitting in review until this morning which is now showing an approved app (we passed first time with no hiccups). Which means Brett Nova IV will be on the iTunes store on Monday go and buy it and help us out.

Press Stuff
brettminicards-color-alphaWe are also starting to gear up the press stuff a web page is up and looking quite nice. A press release is being put together for review sites (as well as the promo codes for them) and I sent of for some mini cards to hand out which arrived today so if you want one of these fine things give me a nudge.


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