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tr_icon_512x512Well today Dave and I sat down to submit our second game Tocco Robo - Classic. Many people have seen and played the Game as it has progressed from a simple prototype to the full thing though I have not really been talking about it much here unfortunately. The main reason for that is I kinda figured it was better finish the thing than to just write about it. So that’s what I went and did. It’s now a nice little game with all the gubbins sore boards difficulty levels tutorials option screens and the ever essential Credits :) The fully completed game was completed about a week ago and we have been testing it since then with a plan to submit it to the AppStore today. Which has now been done.


The site for the game can be found under the Tocco Robo - Classic icon on the Electric TopHat web site which give a little more info about it. Hopefully it will be avaliabe on the AppStore soon for all of you to play.

Hopefully people will like playing it as much as I have building it thanks to all the people that have helped shape it into what it is today. Cheers.


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