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Yesterday we submitted Lite versions for both Tocco Robo and Brett Nova IV.

How much do you give away in a free iPhone game
The product prices are quite low and do free versions of the games translate into actual sales

I know myself out of all the free apps I have downloaded I have purchased about one from the free version the rest I delete and ignore. Though I may be an odd one here in that respect if I like the look of the game I’d rather give the developer the money I know the boat that were all on and for some reason knowing what the guy at the other end is getting helps me commit that act.

Sorry off on a tangent there ok So what did we do for our lite version

Brett Nova IV:
So the free version provides a few game levels and then asks you to defeat the full version have we provided enough in the product will people want to play it more I suppose the concern is that by doing this free version of the game is it going to kill all our sales all together As they are far and few just now will it kill or help the game sales i suppose only time will tell.

Tocco Robo Classic:
Tocco Robo is a completely different game and as such a different approach to the free version needed to be taken so what’s in it Well the Lite version will provide one difficulty setting (medium) and 2 minutes of game play the high scores are retained but it will probably be very difficult to get to the top (though you can always clear them first). I’m still not sure if this is to little or two much for a game of this type Will it annoy the player
and therefor delete the app or have I reached that spot where they want more. I have no idea if it is a good idea to let people try things before they buy it was a little bit of work to get the thing together.

Will our actions of letting free version into the wild help or hinder sales the truth is I just have no idea.



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