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Ok so I seem to have neglected this blog for a little two long. :( I have been extremely busy with one thing and another and I never quite get round to adding the things I want to. Where does all the time go


So let’s get you all up to speed shall we.

1) Modulo Hit the Store you know that one.

2) Tocco Robo - Classic got an Update and is now on the store.

3) Modulo got an Update and is on it is way onto the store.

4) We got some funding from Spirit to do an R&D project we do not get the money though and it is not that much.

5) There are always other things going on. :)

Well that’s a quick one two on what I have been up to. I do have a couple of blog posts sitting in the drafts that I’ll try and get around to finishing. I’ll also hopefully let you know what else is going on at some point soon.

Until the next post I say a due.


p.s. Modulo is on Sale and Featured on iTunes go and pick it up while it is cheep.

Oh Forgot to say you can follow me on Twitter if you want at http://twitter.com/Bert McDowell


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