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Well lots of things have been going on since the last post which have keep me fairly busy over the last few weeks. I was hoping to talk about the new Electric Top Hat web site but alas is still not up and running yet (unless you count the post on the front of the site which might give a hit to the style). But as all things they always seem to take a little bit longer.

Abertay University and the Block Game
Well I’m still working away there I’m currently up to 4 days a week at the moment due to random project madness ( at least there paying me for it which is nice ). We have now two more projects on the go all of which need to be finished for some point next month some are early and some a little later but still not a lot of time to throw things together. Hence the time being spent on the project which is having a little bit of hit on the game I’m working on.

On that note it is progressing well I have stopped putting up images of it for now at least till it is all complete. Which I’m feeling is very close It’s now got all the art work and starting to get audio into it which makes such a big difference. It’s been a lot of work trying to do it and the Uni work I feel like I leave one job and start another which leads me late nights (ask the other half). It is almost like my first job in the games industry though at least it is all my own work. :)

Learning new things
xCode Development ToolI keep picking up more and more little things about xCode and the iPhone sdk that I just didn’t know where there.

* Double Click on a warning or error makes it go away (so handy when editing the code).
* Select a line twice to select the entire line.
* for ( Object * obj in NSArrayObject ) it is almost like using c# again.
* AVAudioPlayer is really cool and so easy to use (2.2 and above only sorry).
* Custom controls are cool.
* I’m sure there are more but it is late and my brain is tired.

Rolling your own custom controls (picker switch Navigation Bar) why the hell do this well I just got annoyed at not being permitted to re-size color change images on some of the build in controls. As I build the application totally in UIKit some of the standard apple controls just looked out of place. So I ended up putting some together I was really easy to do (mainly due to living in the UIKit) some where done in a matter of hours and as always some still need a little bit tweaking. I will at some point throw them up here as source or even as a plug-in for xCode (once I figure that one out).

Ad_HocI finally sat down with the Developer Portal and put together an add-hock distribution it was surprisingly easy to and hopefully I can get some feed back from the friends I have added to see what else I need to do.

We are now very close to having a fully operational company account if you want to do it is do it early and remember to check out the tax side for your country if your not in the US you will need to fax your company documents to apple. It’s taken nearly a month to get through the process here’s hopping it will all be ready soon and our first product will be up on the store rather than gathering dust as it has been.

Thanks for reading.

Bert Wednesdays : As some of you know and some do not I have been running a little mid week celebration for over a year now and If anyone would like to come and join in please feel free.


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