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daretobeLast week we said farewell to this little competition with a weekend show off in Edinburgh (aka Proto Play) I managed to jump through for a few hours on Friday afternoon. Just to say hello and farewell as well as to get a chance to play the finished products I managed only to pop in and see the work in progress a couple of times over the competition period (week one and around week 5). I had not manged to see the games for around 5 weeks and I was hoping to see some polished products and there where :)

I managed to grab a shot on the following :

There are one or two there that I really fancied having a shot on but I ran out of time (Soar and Shrink) most of the products had one or two problems though I think this was really down to being implemented in 10 week period and not having a chance to get many people play testing them as they went along. I really enjoyed being involved this year in both a professional and social capacity. Good Luck to the Pixel Pirates Gentlemen of Fortune and The Butterflyers who are all up for a Bafta one to watch award next year.

Oh and if you missed Proto Play you will soon be able to download there work form the Dare To Be Digital site Or in teh case of Derail Entertainments Break a Leg you might be able to get it on xBox live community at some point in the future (come on Lars make it happen).


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