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Well were getting very close to releasing our first product unfortunately not the one I have been talking about here but oh well. I’m trying to get this one all ready for the end of the month which is not very far away.

Though it is progressing really well I have the game now running in my game frame work. The main menu is up and working. Though I still need to hook every thing up this will be happening over the next day or two. Which will mean that most of the hard work is done then I need to sit down and balance the game.

ETH First Release

Ok as I said at the start were getting very close to our first product release onto the iTunes store which has forced us into getting all the bits and pieces around it together.

The company has now been set up (trading under Electric Tophat) we have a bank account to along with the company. Email accounts have all be created and were trying to get the web site up and fully functional hopefully very soon. Mainly as we need it all in place before we submit to apple they seem to have a bit a problem if your support site is not in place when you submit a product.

The aim is to try and get this all done this week if we can I know were almost half way through but I can but hope.

Once it is up and running I’ll do another post which will cover the site.


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