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appstoreSo I was going to do this at the start of the week but as always I never seem to get around to things when I plan to such as life I feel. Well Brett Nova IV has been on the iTunes AppStore for just over two weeks I would now like to take this opportunity to talk about what’s been going on and to give some numbers.

The Process:
Well Brett Nova IV was development by Dave (with a little bit of UIKit code from myself) we originally planed to get it out just before Christmas which if you have been following the progress did not happen. The product has sat in our repository since the start of January growing old as we watched more and more apps flow onto the AppStore. Which was kinda scary and the lightly hood of it ever making any money growing slimmer and slimmer we never thought that the game was going to be a ground breaker though we always had hope. Not to say we think it is a bad game I quite enjoy playing it but it was always a first toe in the water for us. Most like the rest of you we had no idea how an application will do and I’m still not sure we are in a place to judge it is success or failure.

So why has it taken nearly three months to get it onto the store
We as Dave and I decided to go into this venture together (I swore once I’d never start a Games Company I need to swallow my words GULP) we thought it best to form a company rather than selling applications individually and using personal bank accounts. So at the start of January we had a product ready for the store at this point we set out to form a Company registered here in the UK (Electric TopHat Ltd) that would let us get a company bank account that Apple could use to transfer funds if and when they come in. The creation of company also eliminated any potential future issues as we have limited liability and a formal agreement between us (hopefully we will never fall out but it has happened before when friends decide to go into business together). This was all done through an account in Dundee they registered the company with companies house and then setup a meeting with the Bank Manager to sort that side out as well. As the Bank required the documents that prove that we where a ligament company we had to wait Two weeks for the company registration process before we could request the Bank account which we wait another Two weeks for that to be set-up as well.

So after 4 weeks of waiting we were ready to get our company account with apple the first idea was to transfer one of our existing Apple development accounts over to the company. Though after some investigation we found that it would take about a month to do this so we thought sod it it 50 quid and if it is quicker we create a fresh account for the company. As we are a UK registered company Apple required us to FAX our request and our company registration documentation to them which we gladly did (most of this process was done by Dave) and then it seemed to sit there for Two weeks eventually we Phoned there support number to see what was going and the kindly accepted our payment and about a couple days later our new ID turned up. Though it did take another week for our iTunesConnect access to come through (if you do not know this the utility site you use to submit things to the store) at this point we found the US TAX forms we need to fill in so we could sell in the US. Thankfully Dave filled this in and faxed it off to the US Government to get our US Company number that permits us to sell products through US another week passed and were in the position to upload our first game (almost).

By the time we reached this point it was then end of February we at least had all the formal things out of the way and where in a state where publication was at least possible. At this point we blew the dust off the Brett Nova application and looked at all the things we need to have in place to get the application onto the store. We needed a 512x512 icon 1-5 screen shots Application Description oh and a support site. Which do you think we didn’t have in place yep the web site was just a holder page with an image on it. The domain was there the server was there we just need some content for the site so as a temporary measure I opened up iWeb Gimp and threw a page together that would hopefully get us through the submission the text on the page is pretty similar to what we submitted for the application. With that in place on the Monday of the 09-03-2009 we uploaded our release application submitted our images text and support links set a release date picked our Price Tear and hit submit. The application then appeared as "In Review" on our account I was quite surprised not get a mail confirming the submission but oh well them are the breaks.


So we waited and watched the application sit "In Review" wondering if it would be rejected for some reason exactly one week later the app was approved and on the Store. So from start to finish to get our first application on to the store was around 2 and half months of paper work and processing so be advised to do this early.

So how are we doing well up until this week we have done nothing to advertise or encourage sales of Brett Nova over the last 2 weeks we have had a total 43 sales thanks mainly to our Friends that have bought it. It’s not a very promising start but it is a start. As I have said before we were not sure what to expect from the app store there have been a lot of reports of good sales but very few talking about the other side. Brett Nova IV as a game was never going to bring us success but has and will hopefully give us some incite into the sales trends and as we get more information I’ll try and keep you guys up to date.

The Graph is not accurate sales as I’m working with the weekly reports and only have the last couple of days of sales I’ll updated it with a proper one once the monthly report is available.

I do have more to say but I have run out of time today sorry :(


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