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One of the nicefolksthat came along last night asked if I could send him my last slide. I will do one better and post the links on it here (along with a couple of others) with a littledescriptionof each.

Apple Developer Portal access all of Apple’s documentation about developing for the iPhone and OSX there is a wealth of information in there and sign up is free.

Mobile Orchard is a good blog to keep an eye on it provides lots of use full links and articles related to iPhone development.

xCake this is a group of Irish developers that post tip’s thoughts and ideas to do with Cocoa development for both the Mac and iPhone. They also do meet-up’s in Belfast and Dublin that would be worth attending if you live close by.

Stack Overflow is a programming Q and A site that has lot’s ofcontributors it is not just for the iPhone it covers all sorts oflanguages/ platforms and I have found it very useful.

Pinch Media : Piracy in the AppStore a very interesting article that talks about the current state of play of piracy on the AppStore.

Chipmunk is a 2D physics engine that is easy to integrate and easy to use. It provides a fast and light weight 2D rigid bodylibrarybased off Box2D.

Cocos2D is a framework for building 2D games or othergraphicintensiveapplications. I have not used but the project has become reallymatureover the last year.

Oolong Engine is a 3D engine build specially for the iPhone it isperformancehas been improved over the last year and it may give you a good start if your building a 3D game.

An Introduction to Objective-C is exactly that this a direct link to Apple’s documentation that cover’s thelanguageand is worth a read if your going to do any development using Cocoa or Cocoa Touch.

There isplentyof information out and as always Google is your friend.


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