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Well quite a lot actually I have now left my full time job at Realtime Worlds to try and do some iPhone development. I finished at RTW on October the 22nd and since then I have buried my head in the iPhone sdk building (ok trying to) a little application template.

Why on earth do this you say well I’m new to Mac development objective-C interface builder and the iPhone development it is self. I have dabbled a little but never had a chance to jump into it until now so the template application was developed to get my head into and around all of the above. I have now completed a rough template that contains a splash screen main menu game screen tutorial options high scores and credits. It also provides an system to save data to the iPhone and store down the internal game view stack this should permits any application built on it to save and restore the application state with out to much effort. It’s not that pretty in code or in looks but it was a starting point now on to building something on top.

Template Splash Screen Template Main Menu Screen Template Options Screen
Template Game Screen Template High Score Screen

Hope fully I can catch up on what’s been going on over the next few days filling in the blanks and hopefully get some code up soon.


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