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I have been think of this for quite a while and have had some idea of the direction I would like take my first product in so with the iconic words that leak out of my mouth now again "keep it simple stupid" the following is a very rough attempt to archive :

1) Something that I can write Quickly.
2) Something that can be played endlessly.
3) Something that can be made shiny.

The following are two very simple drawings that I have put together to try and get some sort of concept across:
Concept Drawing 1Concept Drawing 2

Hopefully the above images shows a very simple block game puzzler if not they do I tell ya. The simple idea is to swap blocks round the main game area once you create a pattern you get points and more game time. It’s got a very simple concept and should hopefully be fun to play as well (I could even hope addictive). I’ll try and develop it further and get some rough work in progress shots up soon.


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