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God it is been to long since I was working on a game over the last week I have had a really simple prototype working :

It’s got block swapping and I worked on on further to a point where patterns where being matched. All was well until I tried to make the things disappear well I kinda made a mess of the thing. So yesterday I threw away most of the code and took a new approach to the problem it seems to getting there. I now can swap blocks trigger a pattern match remove blocks and automatically reintroduce new blocks. Currently the version is at a state where you can play a continuous game.

Prototype 2 Images:

So what next I’m currently trying to add a score system and levels into the application hopefully this will be done to day. Yea yea I know it still not looking shiny and the running prototype took some criticisms last night. The main one is why do I have to tap the squares why can’t I push them can you make the blocks bigger it is to slow etc etc.. Well with the dead line looming where I need to get the first game done by xmass time is short (Apple shut there store submissions on the 24th till the 28th) and I will try to take some of these things on board.

So What did I (re)learned over the last couple days:

1 : Don’t use callbacks to trigger game code it gets very confusing and loops are much easier.

2 : Having multiple simple class is easier than one big one.

3 : I should listen to my self and keep it simple stupid.

4 : Don’t show something you threw together in a day.


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