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Well yesterday I slogged into the night till around 9:30 before heading for some beer with a couple friends to celebrate. The second prototype is now fully functional and addictive :) as proven by the fact that my iPhone has been running it constantly.

Latest Shots:

So what did I get in yesterday quite a lot actually. I got up and went down to work in White Space in the morning and moved up to the house after a nice lunch my old boss told me to slave into the night... And so I did.

New Features:
1) Added a Block Flick (every one seems to try it first so it had to go in).
2) Score got added.
3) Levels got added.
4) Game progression got added.
5) Timer got added.
6) Collect a up got added.
7) Made a fun playable prototype.

The last thing to add last night was a button to the front to start the game it will disappear and reappear again once the game has ended so it can be played again. Giving endless fun and joy :)


After the pub there was some wine and a little bit of tweaking I removed the tap select as it was getting in the way of the flick system and tweaked the block flick system. Drunken programming is usually a bad idea so this morning I have backed up a copy of the current code and I’ll post some snipts of the code at some point soon.

Next :
Make it shiny.. Integrate it into my frame work.. Make it even more shiny..

Ah well not much to do next week then.


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