About Me

Programmer pro·gram·mer
  1. A person that turns caffeine and pizza into software.
  2. A device that automatically controls the operation of something in accordance with a prescribed program.
  • Welcome,

    I’m Bert a programmer in the software industry for near on 20 years, most of this has been spent in the games industry where I have managed to work on some of fantastic titles and some I would love to forget. It’s been an adventure where I have worked with lots of friends, comrades and colleagues. Hopefully it will continues for many more years.

    Currently living in Belfast Northern Ireland with a bunch of computers, brewing equipment and a partner in crime. A computer science graduate from West of Scotland University, I joined the industry in the year 2000 as an AI programer. Though I have held many other roles since from an engine developer, character programmer, audio programmer, network programmer, technical director just to name a few. These days I am a remote contract programmer sitting in my office with typing loudly on a mechanical keyboard trying not to disturb the rest of the world too much.

    You would have been able to find me knocking about in Dundee on a Wednesday evening when I lived there, but these days you can find me attending the GamesNI meetups that happens every 2 months in belfast. If you see me feel free to say hi and chat away.

    Thanks for reading!